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Get Involved.

Who, me?  What can I do?

Get involved - become an advocate!

Advocate - a person who pleads for or in behalf of another

Advocates are vital component in the fight against hepatitis C.

The hepatitis C epidemic is huge problem, and the efforts and voices of many people are needed to make strides for those whose lives are affected by HCV.

How to Get Involved

You can begin with the simple act of writing your state and local elected representatives. Tell them you want hepatitis C moved to the top of their health agenda. Click Here to learn more.

Overcome Stigma & Misconception:

Give Hepatitis C a Face and a Voice

Each and every day, we hear stories from people living with hepatitis C about the negative stigma associated with the disease. Stigmatization and prejudice are often based on two factors: ignorance and impersonalization or "facelessness." While people may have heard of HCV, many have little knowledge about the disease, or worse yet; have incorrect notions about the disease.

Ignorance often leads to fear, which is expressed as prejudice.

Understandably, the stigmatization associated with hepatitis C has caused many people living with the disease to remain silent. However, we've all heard the old adage and have certainly experienced its truth at some point: "The squeaky wheel gets the grease."

Becoming involved in the hepatitis C community has many potential benefits:
  • You will be contributing to the process of raising public awareness and knowledge about hepatitis C.
  • Increased public awareness and knowledge will help contain the spread of HCV, and will decrease the stigmatization associated with ignorance and misconceptions about the disease.
  • Involvement with the community is likely to expand your own support system while at the same time providing help for others facing similar challenges.
  • Giving a "face" to hepatitis C will help others see that those living with HCV are people just like their friends, neighbors, and loved ones. This is often a powerful antidote to stigmatization and prejudice.

There is strength in numbers!

While in an ideal world, facts and need should speak for themselves, in the "real" world with many competing interests vying for a limited number of funding dollars, it is often those who are most vocal and who have the support of the largest numbers of people that are heard. We need to join our voices together so that decision makers can gain an understanding of the problems at hand. We must also let them know the hepatitis C community is strong, and we will not settle for insufficient resources to meet the needs of those who require our help.

You are an important part of the hepatitis C community, and we need your help!
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Hepatitis C can show no symptoms until advanced liver damage develops.

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