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General Medical Information Sites that Include Information About Hep C

Aetna Intelihealth
Internet address: www.intelihealth.com
This site is sponsored by the Aetna, Inc., an insurance company that is part of a larger international conglomerate. This site features Harvard Medical School’s Consumer Health Information.

The American Association of Naturopathic Physicians
Internet address: www.naturopathic.org
This official site of the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians offers a variety of resources on naturopathic medicine including a message board, library, and a naturopathic physician finder.

The American College for Advancement in Medicine (ACAM)
Internet address: www.acam.org
The American College for Advancement in Medicine (ACAM) is a nonprofit medical society dedicated to educating physicians and other health care professionals on the latest findings and emerging procedures in preventive/nutritional medicine. ACAM's goals are to improve skills, knowledge, and diagnostic procedures as they relate to complementary and alternative medicine, to support research, and to develop awareness of alternative methods of medical treatment.

The American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS)
Internet address: www.certifieddoctor.org
The American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) site has a public education program, a physician locator, and information services. The board certification status, location by city and state, and specialty of any physician certified by one or more of 24 member boards of the ABMS can be checked through this site. This service is free to consumers. Listed physicians have subscribed to be included in this service.

The American Medical Association (AMA)
Internet address: www.ama-assn.org
The American Medical Association (AMA) site has a consumer health section that includes links to general health issues, specific conditions, your body, your family’s health, Kids Health Club, Doctor Finder, Hospital Finder, and a Medical Group Practice Finder. The nutrition section has information on such things as vitamins and fitness. It also has a medical glossary. There is a link to recipes, and new ones are posted every two weeks. This link also has information on health-oriented cookbooks and nutritional resources.

Benson-Henry Institute for Mind Body Medicine
Internet address: www.massgeneral.org/bhi/
The Benson-Henry Institute for Mind Body Medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital is a world leader in the study, advancement, and clinical practice of mind/body medicine. The BHI provides outpatient medical services, training for health professionals, corporate and school-based programs, women's health services, and affiliation for national and international health care systems.

The British Medical Journal
Internet address: www.bmj.com
The British Medical Journal is a free publication with up-to-date information about hepatitis C, among many other topics.

Center for Mindfulness in Medicine, Health Care, and Society (CFM)
Internet address: www.umassmed.edu/cfm
The Center for Mindfulness is an innovative leader in mind-body medicine and mindfulness-based treatment and research investigations, pioneering the integration of meditation and mindfulness into mainstream medicine and health care. They offer a number of pathways for people to cultivate a sense of well-being, confidence, and creativity.

Internet address: www.centerwatch.com
CenterWatch is a clinical trials listing service of industry and government sponsored trials including recently FDA approved drug therapies.

Internet address: www.clinicaltrials.gov
This site is sponsored by the National Cancer Institute. It provides current information on many clinical trials.

Internet address: www.consumerlab.com
Vitamins, herbs, and other supplements are not regularly tested by any government organization. ConsumerLab.com continually evaluates nutritional supplements in a laboratory environment. It also investigates problems with drugs.

Doc Misha’s Chicken Soup Chinese Medicine
Internet address: www.docmisha.com
This site has general information about Chinese medicine. There is specific information about HIV/AIDS and hepatitis C.

Dr. Koop.com
Internet address: www.drkoop.com
Dr. Koop is a former United States Surgeon General. This site provides up-to-date information on hepatitis C and available treatments.

Dr. Weil.com
Internet address: www.drweil.com
Dr. Andrew Weil is a leader in the integration of western medicine and the exploding field of alternative medicine. This site has extensive information about integrated medicine.

Dr. Zhang.com
Internet address: www.doctorzhang.com
This site provides information on modern Chinese medicine specifically related to hepatitis C. There is also information about some other diseases such as Lyme disease and inflammatory bowel syndrome.

The Glycemic Index
Internet address: www.glycemicindex.com/
Not all carbohydrate foods are created equal, in fact they behave quite differently in our bodies. The glycemic index or GI describes this difference by ranking carbohydrates according to their effect on our blood glucose levels.

Harvard School of Public Health Nutrition Source
Internet address: www.hsph.harvard.edu/nutritionsource/index.html
Harvard School of Public Health Nutrition Source is to provide timely information on diet and nutrition for clinicians, allied health professionals, and the public.

Internet address: www.healthfinder.gov
The Healthfinder site is easy to navigate and has a tremendous amount of information. There is a lot of good information on hepatitis C and non-western medicine under the “Hot Topics” section. The non-western medicine information includes links for general information, therapies, nutrition and lifestyle information, quackery and fraud, training and associations, and other topics.

Health World On-line
Internet address: www.healthy.net This comprehensive site provides access to information on a variety of therapies including acupuncture, Ayurveda, Chinese medicine, chiropractic medicine, homeopathy, and others. There are links to finding a health care provider in several different disciplines. This site has links to information on several diseases and conditions including hepatitis.

The Hepatitis B Foundation
Internet address: www.hepb.org
The Hepatitis B Foundation is a national nonprofit organization dedicated to finding a cure for hepatitis B and improving the quality of life of people affected by the illness. There are Chinese, Korean, and Vietnamese language versions of this site.

Hepatitis C Advocacy
Internet address: www.hepcadvocacy.org
This site is dedicated to providing up-to-date information on hepatitis C, HIV, and HCV/HIV co-infection as it relates to federal and state lobbying efforts, and HIV and HCV public policies and funding programs.

Hepatitis C Meditations
nternet address: www.HepCMeditations.org Hepatitis C Meditations offers a meditation CD to help meet the challenges that hepatitis C brings.

Hepatitis Central
Internet address: www.hepatitis-central.com
Hepatitis Central offers extensive information about all forms of hepatitis including hepatitis A, B, C, D, E, G, autoimmune hepatitis, and more.

Internet address: www.HIVandHepatitis.com
The staff of HIV and Hepatitis.com state their common objective is to create a quality online publication that provides accurate, timely and cutting-edge information about treatment for HIV/AIDS, chronic hepatitis B and hepatitis C, and co-infection with HIV/HCV and HIV/HBV. This site has an extensive list of consulting editors who review all materials before posting.

ITM On-line (Institute for Traditional Medicine)
Internet address: www.itmonline.org
This is the site of the Institute for Traditional Medicine. The Articles section has a Disorders Index that will take you to articles on hepatitis C. The START Index has good basic information on a wide variety of topics including acupuncture, the best time of day to take herbs, qi gong, the immune system, pregnancy, and Chinese herbs.

The Lancet
Internet address: www.thelancet.com
The Lancet is a peer-reviewed medical journal. You are able to search for articles on hepatitis C and are able to view the abstracts free of charge; full text articles can be viewed for a fee.

Lab Tests Online
Internet address: www.labtestsonline.org/understanding/index.html
Lab Tests Online is designed to help patients and caregivers better understand the many clinical lab tests that are part of routine care as well as diagnosis and treatment of a broad range of conditions and diseases.

National Association of County Veteran Service Officers
Internet address: www.nacvso.org
The National Association of County Veterans Service Officers is an organization made up of local government employees. Their members are tasked with assisting veterans in developing and processing their claims.

National AIDS Treatment Advocacy Project (NATAP)
Internet address: www.natap.org/
The NATAP mission is to educate individuals about HIV and hepatitis treatments and to advocate on the behalf of all people living with HIV/AIDS and HCV. The information on the site is scientifically oriented, abundant, and comprehensive in its coverage of both HIV and hepatitis. The site is regularly updated with new articles, studies, and highlights from various major conferences.

National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM)
Internet address: www.nccam.nih.gov
The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM) at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) conducts and supports basic and applied research and training and disseminates information on complementary and alternative medicine to practitioners and the public. There are sections on health information, current and completed research, news and events, and alerts and advisories.

The New England Journal of Medicine
Internet address: www.nejm.org
This is the site of the well-respected medical journal, The New England Journal of Medicine. It provides access to the PubMed database from which you can search for and order medical journal articles on hepatitis C.

Net Wellness
Internet address: www.netwellness.com
This site is sponsored by the University of Cincinnati but is a joint project of Case Western Reserve University, Ohio State University, and the University of Cincinnati. The site is a consumer health information site and has sections on current health news, health topics, clinical trials and more.

Oasis, Inc.
Internet address: www.oasisclinic.org
The Organization to Achieve Solutions in Substance Abuse (O.A.S.I.S.) is a nonprofit organization. The primary mission of Oasis is to provide low-cost, subsidized medical care, clinical research studies, and provision of and/or access to social and vocational rehabilitation services for medically marginalized former or current drug and alcohol users.

United Network for Organ Sharing
Internet address: www.unos.org
This is the site of the United Network for Organ Sharing whose mission is to advance organ availability and transplantation. The site has news articles related to organ transplantation.

U.S. Pharmocopeia (USP)
Internet address: www.usp.org
In pursuit of its mission to promote public health, U.S. Pharmocopeia establishes state-of-the-art standards to ensure the quality of medicines for human and veterinary use. USP also develops authoritative information about the appropriate use of medicines. The site has prescription drug information and information about supplements.

The VA National Hepatitis Program
Internet address: www.hepatitis.va.gov
The Veterans Affairs National Hepatitis C Web site provides information about viral hepatitis for health care providers inside and outside the VA system, veterans, and the general public. The “Patient’s Corner” area of the site has basic information on hepatitis C for patients, their families, and the general public.

Internet address: www.webmd.com
This site is owned by WebMD Corporation. This is a comprehensive on-line resource committed to providing general health information and support. The site is extensive.

Wholistic Healing Research
Internet address: WholisticHealingResearch.com">
Wholistic approaches empower patients to participate in their own health care. The WHR site is a gateway for you to connect with many wholistic healing approaches through more than 900 pages of references and gateways to experiential learning


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