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January 2007

Two U.K. Scientists Develop Cheaper Drug To Treat Hepatitis C

"Following trials by two U.K. scientists, the treatment for hepatitis C is likely to get cheaper as early as this year in India and other developing countries. The trials for a new drug called PEGylated-interferon alpha molecule is undertaken by Dr. Sunil Shaunak, professor of infectious diseases at Imperial College based at Hammersmith hospital, with scientists from the London School of Pharmacy."

Pakistani Doctor to be Honoured for Research on Hepatitis C Treatment and Its Outcomes

"Saima Firdoos, a young Pakistani doctor of Shifa International Hospital will be honoured for a clinical research about Hepatitis C treatment and its outcomes in the form of five scientific papers to be presented in Kyoto, Japan on March 27-30, 2007 in Asia Pacific Association Study of Liver Diseases."

Caregiving: Lawford Says Get Tested

"Actor and author Christopher Kennedy Lawford wants people to know -- especially his fellow baby boomers -- that they may be at risk for hepatitis C virus, or HCV, even if they've only had a few snorts of cocaine. "If you fall in any of the major risk factors -- illegal drug use, blood transfusion(s) before 1992, 10 or more sexual partners, dialysis or have had a tattoo -- you should get tested for hepatitis C because you are not going to know by the way you feel," Lawford told UPI's Caregiving."

Racial Differences Seen in Steatosis in Patients with Hepatitis C

"Caucasian patients with chronic hepatitis C virus (HCV) are more likely to have hepatic steatosis, or fat in the liver, compared to African-American patients. However, steatosis is not associated with HCV treatment response. These findings are published in the January 2007 issue of Hepatology, the official journal of the American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases (AASLD)."

Hep C Advocate Continued Fight

[Canada] "The year 2006 is almost gone, and Ernie Zivny is still waiting for the federal government to give him the money that would make his life much easier. He was a happy man July 25 when the government announced it would provide compensation for people who contracted Hepatitis C through tainted blood before 1986 and after 1990."

Awareness and Testing For Hepatitis C Are Increasing, UK

"A new report from the Health Protection Agency shows that the number of people newly diagnosed with hepatitis C has increased; from 2,116 in 1996, to 7,580 in 2005. New figures also show that testing for hepatitis C has increased overall, for example, in GP surgeries', testing has increased by almost 60 per cent between 2002 and 2005."

Doctors Have Communicated Hepatitis C Virus to 88 Patients

[Turkey] "It was revealed that 88 patients were communicated with Hepatitis C virus in a private dialysis center in Diyarbakir. Center's chief physician Uğur Yüce has put up the argument that one of the four newly established dialysis centers has sabotaged their hospital. It was revealed that 88 out of 213 patients suffering from kidney failure have caught Hepatitis C virus."

Hepatitis Tests 'Like Witch Hunt'

"A former member of the General Dental Council has likened the handling of the case of a dentist from Gwynedd infected with hepatitis C to a "witch hunt". The health authorities wrote to 5,000 patients offering them various tests after the man was diagnosed with the disease, which over 1,000 accepted."

No HIV, Hepatitis for Tested Students

"Students who shared needles during a science experiment last month at John F. Kennedy Middle School all tested negative for signs of HIV and hepatitis B and C, according to the San Mateo County Health Department. A substitute teacher was fired Nov. 17 after he pricked students in Life Science classes with lancets during a science experiment. The teacher, whose name was not released by the district, was doing an experiment with his classes to look at students' blood cells under a microscope."

Intercell Gains on Completion of Hep C Trial, Pelias Acquisition

"Shares in Austrian pharma group Intercell AG continued their upward march gaining 1.43 pct to 17.75 eur by the early afternoon, after the company today reported the completion of a Phase II trial for its therapeutic Hepatitis C vaccine. 'We are well on track with the development of our therapeutic vaccine. It was key to demonstrate that IC41 can be safely administered together with standard therapy, thus enabling the way to potential future combination therapies', said chief scientific officer Alexander von Gabain in a statement."

Medical Services International Completes Testing of VScan Hepatitis C Test Kit in the United States

"Medical Services International Inc is pleased to announce that it has completed testing of its VScan Hepatitis C test kit in the United States. The test results shows that the VScan Hepatitis C test kit met or exceeded required regulatory standards in the United States. In early 2007, the Company will begin the process to apply for regulatory approval in the United States."

Feds Complete $1B Deal for Hep C Victims

[Canada] "The federal government has announced completion of a $1-billion compensation deal for the so-called "forgotten" victims of hepatitis C tainted blood scandal. The deal, announced today by Health Minister Tony Clement, must still be approved by courts in several provinces. The deal will provide one-time payments for thousands of people infected with the hepatitis C virus through tainted blood before 1986 or after 1990."

Vertex Pharmaceuticals Announced Results of Safety Analysis on Hepatitis C Inhibitor; Stock Was Slightly Down

"Vertex Pharmaceuticals Inc. on Wednesday announced results from a planned interim safety analysis from PROVE 1, which an ongoing Phase 2b clinical trial of the investigational hepatitis C virus protease inhibitor telaprevir or VX-950. PROVE 1 was a four-arm, double-blind, placebo-controlled Phase 2b clinical trial of telaprevir in treatment-naive patients with genotype 1 HCV infection. The company said it enrolled 250 patients for the PROVE 1 study, who received Peg-interferon alfa-2a + ribavirin and a dose of telaprevir or placebo."

Pevion Biotech Announces Its Hepatitis C Vaccine Enters Clinical Phase I

"Pevion Biotech announced the start of phase I clinical testing of its virosome-based hepatitis C virus (HCV) vaccine. The therapeutic HCV vaccine is based on Pevion Biotech`s proprietary PeviPROTM and PeviTERTM technologies and will be tested for its safety and immunogenicity."

Coinfection with Both HIV and Hepatitis C Virus a Growing Problem

"Although many individuals infected with the hepatitis C virus (HCV) are naturally able to control levels of the virus with their immune systems, those who also become infected with HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, may lose that ability. In a report in the December issue of PLOS Medicine, a group of researchers from the Partners AIDS Research Center at Massachusetts General Hospital (PARC-MGH) report one of the first studies of how HIV infection impacts immune system functions involved with HCV control. Their findings suggest that beginning antiretroviral therapy earlier than is generally recommended may help preserve HCV control in patients infected with both viruses."

Hepatitis in China: Liver Let Die?

"With one third of CHB patients and one quarter of CHC patients globally, hepatitis is a major health problem in China, and the market has received considerable attention from Western pharmaceutical companies aiming to capitalize on the country's recent economic boom."

HGS Initiates First Trial in Hepatitis C Program

"The Albuferon phase III development program includes two trials to evaluate the efficacy, safety and impact on health-related quality of life of Albuferon in combination with ribavirin, versus peginterferon alfa-2a in combination with ribavirin."

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