Hepatitis C Challenge: Hep C Caring Ambassadors Program
HepC Choices

Pharmaceutical Resources


Gilead Support Path
Sovaldi PDF Slide Presentation
Phone: 855-769-7284
Internet address: www.MySupportPath.com

Johnson and Johnson Patient Assistance
Olysio PDF Slide Presentation
Phone: 800-652-6227
Internet address: www.jipaf.org

Genentech Access Solutions
Phone: 866-422-2377 Pegasys: 888-941-3331.
Internet address: www.Pegasysaccesssolutions.com

Merck CARES Patient Assistance Program
Merck-CARES PDF Slide Presentation
Phone: (800) PAP-5400
Internet address: www.MerckHelps.com

Kadmon CoPay Savings Programs (RibaPak and Infergen)
Kadmon Pharmaceuticals, LLC, Patient Support Programs PDF Slide Presentation
Phone: 888-668-3393
Internet address: http://kadmon.com/docs/patients_assistance_copay

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HCV testing sites

Early diagnosis is essential to control spread of HCV.

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